Black Student Science Organization

“If you have knowledge let others light their candles by it.”  - Margaret Fuller


About Us

BSSO Mission

The mission of the Black Student Science Organization (BSSO) is twofold. The primary purpose of the organization is to provide academic and social support to the African American students on campus. Our secondary purpose is to reach out and serve the neighboring communities of the University.

BSSO History

The BSSO was originally founded at San Diego State University campus in 1994 as a club. The organization was founded to give support to the African American students majoring in the sciences. In the Fall of 1994 the BSSO club was reorganized by Will Wilson, along with the help of Michelle Johnson, Lawrence Stitt, Todd Williams, and Kris Brown.

Executive Board 2018-19

Sydney Maiden

Vice President
Jaylla McConnell

Victoria Davis

Kaylee Savage

Public Relations
Darren Wilson

Lexy Strom

CSSC Representative
Tayelor Roberson

Tutoring Chair/
Community Service

Amari Smith

bsso membership

For official membership, it is $5 per semester or $10 per academic year. The dues are used to fund the end of the semester banquets, the high school scholarships, and general activities throughout the school year.


BSSO President
Sydney Maiden